As an innovative booth designer, I embarked on a unique mission: to bring the captivating worlds of the Hoyoverse — from "Genshin Impact" to "Honkai Star Rail" — to life for expo attendees. Even though I hadn't personally ventured into these games, I was captivated by their undeniable allure.

Transitioning the expansive landscapes into CAD presented a myriad of challenges, particularly with the intricate details and rich textures unique to these digital realms. Rather than navigate these challenges alone, I collaborated closely with the agency that hired me, leveraging their expertise and resources.

Together, with the agency's support and collective knowledge, we crafted a booth that seamlessly transported visitors straight into the Hoyoverse. The outcome was clear: attendees were immersed in the magic of the Hoyoverse, irrespective of their familiarity with the games. Through my vision and our joint efforts, we revolutionized the expo experience, establishing a new benchmark for immersive presentations.

The result speaks for itself. What do you think?