VTech Peppa Pig Learning Watch

My little nephew owns this Peppa's Learning Watch in Yellow/Blue, and I was totally intrigued by the shapes and the funny design, so I decided to have a go at recreating it in MoI3D, applying some cool and straightforward techniques.

Crafting Peppa’s Learning Watch in MoI3D was a joyful journey! This software is super user-friendly and versatile, allowing a mix of precise details with creative elements, equipped with all the goodies to sketch any lively gadget—be it to tweak it, to share, or just to revel in the digital creation.

Diving into the creation process, assembling every playful feature, the customizable faces, the animations, and incorporating the original series voice was a fascinating experience, highlighting the imaginative and amusing design of this watch. Each step was a learning experience filled with fun, getting the details just right and watching it all come together was so satisfying!