bzzzz hair trimmer - modeling practice using Moi3D

I grabbed this unique hair trimmer on a vacation, and its sleek and intricate design made me want to replicate it in MoI3D, utilizing advanced lofting and surfacing techniques.

Recreating this trimmer in MoI3D was an adventure! This software is versatile and user-friendly, blending precision and creativity, and comes with all the tools needed to detail any sophisticated gadget—whether for refinement, sharing, or simply savoring the digital representation.

Mapping out every detail and the ergonomic design was a captivating task, emphasizing the practical and aesthetic aspects of its design. The real challenge was in accurately recreating the intricate pattern on the bottom side, requiring attention to detail and precision to get it just right. Each step was a fascinating exploration, and seeing the entire design come to life was incredibly rewarding!